It’s funny when you realize that as an adult, most of us have witnessed the progression of internet dating from its origins to what we all know of it today. I can distinctively remember the childhood warnings of “online stranger danger”, back then it would be unthinkable to give someone your real private contact information online. Nowadays it’s common for strangers to not only meet up offline , but may also use computerized dating sources to find instant access to sexual partners. Currently there’s another spike of growing popularity among virtual reality content that is specifically developed for games, movies, and of course, porn. There’s a scene from the TV show Futurama in which one of the main characters discovers that in the future he is able to download a robot girlfriend directly off of an internet server. I’m not here to preach any rights or wrongs in the matter. But none the less, I had wondered just how far us humans were from fully functioning sex robot technology and decided to look into the subject a bit further.


Shockingly enough there’s already a worldwide race to see who will be the first to complete a walking talking sex android. Engineers are hard at work to be the first company that develops a fully functioning machine with emotional awareness integration. A company named ReadDoll is producing a sex robot named Harmony designed and created by engineer Matt McMullen. It is a talking, moving, and blinking silicone doll that can reportedly “remember birthdays” and “hold full length conversations” with humans. The company’s current focus is to develop the capability for it to walk without too much owner assistance. The robot’s adaptable personality and silicone body features are said to be completely customizable. McMullen claims that the doll actively learns about its users personal interest through highly advanced artificial intelligence systems. Owners are in complete control all of the “emotional aspects” regarding Harmony’s personality. The machine can react negatively to insults (only to humor its owner) and will claim that is only desire “to be the greatest companion possible” for its user. There will be a limited release of 1,000 orders by the end of 2017, prices start at $15k and can go as high as $40k depending on what added features are selected by the customer.


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