While it may not be the case in all parts of the world, sex and nudity in the western hemisphere (particularly in the United States) are both still widely considered to be socially taboo subjects. How bizarre is it to think that so many people can be made “uncomfortable” at the sight of simple images of penises, vaginas, and breasts? The human body is only natural. Why exactly are so many people unsettled by nude material? Outside of gender and social politics, each individual can relate to having their own set of private parts, and we all know that other people we interact with have them as well. It is far more unnatural for someone to pretend as if their coworkers, friends, and family did not have sex organs of their own. There’s a movement to change people’s viewpoints nudity being accepted in art and on television. Artists and musicians around the country are looking to break the stigma against nude style art in American culture.


American culture encourages its citizens to protect their individual freedoms, but the nation holds a long history in limiting a person’s ability to express themselves sexually. Over the past century, we Americans have been unsuccessful in distinguishing the difference between the usage of nudity in art versus that which is found in purely pornographic material. The American ideology questions as to if nudity is inherently sexual, or do we as humans only sexualize certain aspects of nudity? The greatest example of this can been seen among the “free the nipple” campaign, as women around the world have spoken out against female breast being censored and sexualized. Like most things in life it all comes down to context. Just the mere image of penis and or a vagina alone should not be categorized as pornographic material by default. Even having someone stand or pose nude for a photo does not automatically qualify that image as pornographic. There’s much more harm to be done in shaming people into hiding their natural selves. The issue of nudity in art should not be so “black and white” as it will only encourage a harmful environment that inhibits an artist’s full creative potential.


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