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rule34. Proper noun. (Internet slang, informal) The proposition that there is at least one pornographic depiction of anything and everything; and, especially, that the resulting pornography is accessible through the Internet.”

“That is the real definition for Rule-34 of the Internet, which pretty much states ‘if it exists, you can make porn out of it’. Nothing could be more true to this statement than the current trend of online cosplay actresses and models. Every type of mainstream non-porn related movie, anime, game, TV show, or comic book has had numerous of its male, female, and even non-human characters re-imagined with adult entertainment in mind. Your own favorite has been sexualized somehow somewhere by someone, and you’re only a quick search away from finding it. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not complaining about this at all. I think it’s amazing that there is bound to be something out there for everyone, no matter how conservative or wild their sexual interest may be. And with brand new material constantly being in production, you’re sure to have a favorite of your own come around at some point if you are some how unable to find something you’ll love already.

Source: tumblr

Now, it should hopefully go without saying that this is not your everyday normal type of cosplay. You won’t be seeing too many of these kinds women at the local conventions or neighborhood trading card store. Of course, there are specialized events and expos just like with regular old porn, but those typically cost you thousands of dollars to attend. And no, you won’t be participating, look but don’t touch if you want to keep living that fantasy there buddy. For those who won’t be traveling or shelling out the convention cash, cosplay girls can often found on social media sites under their chosen alias personas. Some women even go beyond just the sexual aspect of their work, and become full on models for agencies and companies who pay for them to depict specific characters. This can be for hardcore or softcore pornographic material featuring a popular theme or gimmick.

Source: tumblr

Most public companies aren’t too fond of their copyrighted characters being in the more hardcore scenes. Its quite understandable, and I’m sure that there are many people who remain happy that its still out there for them none the less.

Source: tumblr

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