Erotica writings are more about igniting a reader’s personal sexual imagination, rather than accurately simulating or re-enacting the process of sexual intercourse itself via literature. The genre demands that writers incorporate a style of detail which intrigues hidden aspects of the reader’s personality that are not often openly discussed among their friends or family. Due to the Internet’s surplus and ease of access to pornographic videos, erotica driven material require a unique balance of progressive storytelling and visual sexual description. The erotic stories must maintain the reader’s attention before, after and between each sex scene. There’s a fetish and niche for everyone, but let’s breakdown some important elements to consider when crafting a storyline for a genetic erotic writing. First of all, there must be substantial effort to write engaging dialog sequences that go beyond the common slang terms like “dick, pussy, and fuck”. During intimate scenes the writing style and word choice should flow in a fashion similar to poetry. Anyone can write something such as “his dick went into her pussy and they fucked like animals, yes it does indeed “get to the point” but it is far too simplistic in imagination. Readers have to be given the opportunity to incorporate their own sense of what it would be like to experience first hand the various scenario that your characters find themselves in. To lessen the sharp “pornographic edge” of the first example’s wording, it can be rephrased to something like “he slid himself (his penis) into her (vagina), she bit down her bottom lip and lightly moaned as it tightly inched in further”. The next most important thing to remember when making erotica is to try and keep your storyline believable from start to finish. Just as with movies, television, or regular fictional books; erotica stories cannot ask its readers to abuse their suspension of disbelief. It would be best to use a storyline that is relateable to readers, consider using a tale of lost love or scenarios where one character opens up intimately to another person for the first time. Avoid writing yourself into a situation that can actively contradict previously established aspects of your character’s signature personality traits. If the main female character is presented to be shy and timid in regards to sexual situations with the main male character, then it would probably not make sense for her to be suddenly overjoyed about things like filming themselves in the act or introducing another person into the bedroom. The final aspect to focus on in your erotica writing would be the pacing and progression of action and sex scenes. Someone who decides to read erotica did not choose to do so with the intention of reading 100-200 filler pages before the first intimate scene. The non-sexual material has to be written in a manner that seemingly shifts back and forth between standard entertainment and adult entertainment. Use character dialog to your advantage, non-explicit scenes can still contain moments of flirting, dirty inner thoughts, or explicit descriptive narrative monologues. Make it possible for the reader to visualize exactly how the characters feel and what they are likely thinking during sex scenes throughout the story. Creating erotic material can be a challenging art form, but nearly every writing can be successful if they ensure that their writing style/storytelling remains equal parts arousing, entertaining and believable to readers.


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