With Words of Love


Erotica writings are more about igniting a reader’s personal sexual imagination, rather than accurately simulating or re-enacting the process of sexual intercourse itself via literature. The genre demands that writers incorporate a style of detail which intrigues hidden aspects of the reader’s personality that are not often openly discussed among their friends or family. Due to the Internet’s surplus and ease of access to pornographic videos, erotica driven material require a unique balance of progressive storytelling and visual sexual description. The erotic stories must maintain the reader’s attention before, after and between each sex scene. There’s a fetish and niche for everyone, but let’s breakdown some important elements to consider when crafting a storyline for a genetic erotic writing. First of all, there must be substantial effort to write engaging dialog sequences that go beyond the common slang terms like “dick, pussy, and fuck”. During intimate scenes the writing style and word choice should flow in a fashion similar to poetry. Anyone can write something such as “his dick went into her pussy and they fucked like animals, yes it does indeed “get to the point” but it is far too simplistic in imagination. Readers have to be given the opportunity to incorporate their own sense of what it would be like to experience first hand the various scenario that your characters find themselves in. To lessen the sharp “pornographic edge” of the first example’s wording, it can be rephrased to something like “he slid himself (his penis) into her (vagina), she bit down her bottom lip and lightly moaned as it tightly inched in further”. The next most important thing to remember when making erotica is to try and keep your storyline believable from start to finish. Just as with movies, television, or regular fictional books; erotica stories cannot ask its readers to abuse their suspension of disbelief. It would be best to use a storyline that is relateable to readers, consider using a tale of lost love or scenarios where one character opens up intimately to another person for the first time. Avoid writing yourself into a situation that can actively contradict previously established aspects of your character’s signature personality traits. If the main female character is presented to be shy and timid in regards to sexual situations with the main male character, then it would probably not make sense for her to be suddenly overjoyed about things like filming themselves in the act or introducing another person into the bedroom. The final aspect to focus on in your erotica writing would be the pacing and progression of action and sex scenes. Someone who decides to read erotica did not choose to do so with the intention of reading 100-200 filler pages before the first intimate scene. The non-sexual material has to be written in a manner that seemingly shifts back and forth between standard entertainment and adult entertainment. Use character dialog to your advantage, non-explicit scenes can still contain moments of flirting, dirty inner thoughts, or explicit descriptive narrative monologues. Make it possible for the reader to visualize exactly how the characters feel and what they are likely thinking during sex scenes throughout the story. Creating erotic material can be a challenging art form, but nearly every writing can be successful if they ensure that their writing style/storytelling remains equal parts arousing, entertaining and believable to readers.


The Cosplay Girls

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rule34. Proper noun. (Internet slang, informal) The proposition that there is at least one pornographic depiction of anything and everything; and, especially, that the resulting pornography is accessible through the Internet.”

“That is the real definition for Rule-34 of the Internet, which pretty much states ‘if it exists, you can make porn out of it’. Nothing could be more true to this statement than the current trend of online cosplay actresses and models. Every type of mainstream non-porn related movie, anime, game, TV show, or comic book has had numerous of its male, female, and even non-human characters re-imagined with adult entertainment in mind. Your own favorite has been sexualized somehow somewhere by someone, and you’re only a quick search away from finding it. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not complaining about this at all. I think it’s amazing that there is bound to be something out there for everyone, no matter how conservative or wild their sexual interest may be. And with brand new material constantly being in production, you’re sure to have a favorite of your own come around at some point if you are some how unable to find something you’ll love already.

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Now, it should hopefully go without saying that this is not your everyday normal type of cosplay. You won’t be seeing too many of these kinds women at the local conventions or neighborhood trading card store. Of course, there are specialized events and expos just like with regular old porn, but those typically cost you thousands of dollars to attend. And no, you won’t be participating, look but don’t touch if you want to keep living that fantasy there buddy. For those who won’t be traveling or shelling out the convention cash, cosplay girls can often found on social media sites under their chosen alias personas. Some women even go beyond just the sexual aspect of their work, and become full on models for agencies and companies who pay for them to depict specific characters. This can be for hardcore or softcore pornographic material featuring a popular theme or gimmick.

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Most public companies aren’t too fond of their copyrighted characters being in the more hardcore scenes. Its quite understandable, and I’m sure that there are many people who remain happy that its still out there for them none the less.

Source: tumblr

Nudity is Art


While it may not be the case in all parts of the world, sex and nudity in the western hemisphere (particularly in the United States) are both still widely considered to be socially taboo subjects. How bizarre is it to think that so many people can be made “uncomfortable” at the sight of simple images of penises, vaginas, and breasts? The human body is only natural. Why exactly are so many people unsettled by nude material? Outside of gender and social politics, each individual can relate to having their own set of private parts, and we all know that other people we interact with have them as well. It is far more unnatural for someone to pretend as if their coworkers, friends, and family did not have sex organs of their own. There’s a movement to change people’s viewpoints nudity being accepted in art and on television. Artists and musicians around the country are looking to break the stigma against nude style art in American culture.


American culture encourages its citizens to protect their individual freedoms, but the nation holds a long history in limiting a person’s ability to express themselves sexually. Over the past century, we Americans have been unsuccessful in distinguishing the difference between the usage of nudity in art versus that which is found in purely pornographic material. The American ideology questions as to if nudity is inherently sexual, or do we as humans only sexualize certain aspects of nudity? The greatest example of this can been seen among the “free the nipple” campaign, as women around the world have spoken out against female breast being censored and sexualized. Like most things in life it all comes down to context. Just the mere image of penis and or a vagina alone should not be categorized as pornographic material by default. Even having someone stand or pose nude for a photo does not automatically qualify that image as pornographic. There’s much more harm to be done in shaming people into hiding their natural selves. The issue of nudity in art should not be so “black and white” as it will only encourage a harmful environment that inhibits an artist’s full creative potential.

Computer Love


It’s funny when you realize that as an adult, most of us have witnessed the progression of internet dating from its origins to what we all know of it today. I can distinctively remember the childhood warnings of “online stranger danger”, back then it would be unthinkable to give someone your real private contact information online. Nowadays it’s common for strangers to not only meet up offline , but may also use computerized dating sources to find instant access to sexual partners. Currently there’s another spike of growing popularity among virtual reality content that is specifically developed for games, movies, and of course, porn. There’s a scene from the TV show Futurama in which one of the main characters discovers that in the future he is able to download a robot girlfriend directly off of an internet server. I’m not here to preach any rights or wrongs in the matter. But none the less, I had wondered just how far us humans were from fully functioning sex robot technology and decided to look into the subject a bit further.



Shockingly enough there’s already a worldwide race to see who will be the first to complete a walking talking sex android. Engineers are hard at work to be the first company that develops a fully functioning machine with emotional awareness integration. A company named ReadDoll is producing a sex robot named Harmony designed and created by engineer Matt McMullen. It is a talking, moving, and blinking silicone doll that can reportedly “remember birthdays” and “hold full length conversations” with humans. The company’s current focus is to develop the capability for it to walk without too much owner assistance. The robot’s adaptable personality and silicone body features are said to be completely customizable. McMullen claims that the doll actively learns about its users personal interest through highly advanced artificial intelligence systems. Owners are in complete control all of the “emotional aspects” regarding Harmony’s personality. The machine can react negatively to insults (only to humor its owner) and will claim that is only desire “to be the greatest companion possible” for its user. There will be a limited release of 1,000 orders by the end of 2017, prices start at $15k and can go as high as $40k depending on what added features are selected by the customer.


Women of Ink


There’s an undeniable majestic-like beauty to be found within the art fueled subculture of tattooed modeling. Its elaborate history dates all the way back to the early 1940’s, as tattooed women of that era had posed nude as a symbol of strength and empowerment during periods of social inequality. Countless tattoo styles and trends have evolved throughout the decades, as the age of ‘online modeling’ has successfully risen to industry level.


There are thousands of women on the internet who have been able to achieve their own substantial modeling careers as independent contractors via social networking sources such as Tumblr, Instagram, and Snapchat. Members can discover various free and paid services that provide access to model’s personal accounts, where they will frequently upload nude photos and videos. Some girls even offer private personalized content such as live-cams or worn articles of clothing that are directly delivered to their fans and followers.


Absolutely stunning, wouldn’t you agree? And one can only imagine how many fan-mail inquires Sara’s tattoos have lead to. Even I would love to learn about their origin stories and personal meanings.


Outside of social media accounts, other models work through promotion companies or with independent film agencies such as Inked or Suicide Girls.